The YoungArts Gallery opened in December 2013 and has since hosted several exhibitions by YoungArts master teachers, winners and alumni, including Olafur Eliasson, Daniel Arsham and Hernan Bas.

Current exhibition:

IMAGINATION LAND: Fantastical Narrative

Curated by Derrick Adams, IMAGINATION LAND: Fantastical Narrative is a group exhibition featuring YoungArts alumni whose works respond to and are in conversation with consumerism, gender roles, the environment, and ceremonial ritual. Including video, sculpture, painting and performative works, the exhibition explores how the mechanics of art production play a major part in the way we see ourselves as products of our environment. Provocative, complex and self-referential, the exhibition proposes new ideas and concepts of external objects, fuses the possible with the impossible, and invites the viewer into a space of self-discovery.

Glenn Davis (2013 Winner in Visual Arts)
Mateo Nava (2013 Winner in Visual Arts and U.S Presidential Scholar in the Arts)
Mika Rosenberg (2014 Winner in Visual Arts)
Sebastian Ruiz (2014 Winner in Visual Arts)
Celia Shaheen (2015 Winner in Visual Arts)
Su Wan Kim (2015 Winner in Cinematic Arts and Visual Arts)
Cornelius Tulloch (2016 Winner in Design Arts and Visual Arts and U.S. Presidential Scholar in the Arts)
Wade Winslow (2016 Winner in Visual Arts)
Elle Cox (2017 Winner in Visual Arts and U.S. Presidential Scholar in the Arts)
SWAG FUTURE David Correa x Alberto Checa (2017 Winners in Visual Arts)

Open through December 15

Regular Hours:
Tuesday through Friday, 10am–4pm

Miami Art Week Hours:
Monday through Sunday (Dec. 4–Dec. 10), 10am–7pm