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Programs for Educators

Most YoungArts alumni are high school students when they apply to our program. Many of them credit their educators with inspiring them to pursue their dreams of becoming artists. They know—and we know—that teachers, instructors and counselors play an integral role in a young artist's development.


High School & Studio Teachers

YoungArts is committed to bringing arts awareness into the classroom and working with high school and studio teachers to encourage their students to apply to YoungArts. Do you know a talented young artist? Give them the tools and guidance to pursue their craft by encouraging them to take the next step in their artistic development and apply to YoungArts.

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Student List Service

The YoungArts Student List Service is designed to connect YoungArts applicants with a range of pre-college, summer and higher education opportunities. As of 2016, 45 colleges and pre-professional programs work with YoungArts to provide applicants with detailed information about program offerings, financial aid and scholarships. 

Educational Affiliates

YoungArts works with a range of organizations that identify and recognize emerging artists in their communities, state, region and nationally. Together, through combined efforts, we are able to expand opportunities for young artists across the United States. To discuss possibilities of becoming an Affiliate with YoungArts, please contact Allison Ball, Director of Education.

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